About SkillPoints

We bet you have a lot of great people around you. You know what you like about them and what they have done in their lives for you or someone else. Do you want to show them how much you appreciate their wonderful qualities? Do you long to thank them for a good deed? SkillPoints cards are a simple and nice way to compliment or thank the wonderful people around you. Give them the SkillPoint Card!

Everyone likes to be praised. It is like a balm for the soul. You can appreciate someone for what he is or what he did anywhere. Give this person a Skillpoints card at home, school, work or outside on the street. Our vision is a better world where people give each other joy and help each other. Come with us!

Skill Points cards

  • Design cards with unique images.
  • They have a unique code to easily register the card.
  • Includes space to write your personal message to the card recipient.
  • Made of special tear and damp-proof material to preserve your memories forever.

How to Donate Skill Points Cards

  • You can show your appreciation for every success.
  • Give a SkillPoints card, for example, for help, achieved goal, personal quality. Get inspired here
  • Fill in the individual fields on the card with a SkillPen, which you receive when ordering the cards.
  • Write your name, the name of the recipient, and the Skill you want to appreciate.
  • Register the card with a unique code and keep tabs on your mobile.
  • Use SkillApp to share received and donated cards with your loved ones, family, and friends.


SkillPoints Card Collecting Principle

With SkillPoints Motivational Cards, you show how much you value one another with other people. Register the cards you have received or donated with SkillApp With this app you will have all your cards full of great experiences in one place. The cards together make up your SkillBook - a book of achievements and a store of the positive moments in your life. Your SkillBook memories will drive away the dark clouds even on the saddest day. The great thing is that you can always remember your experiences!


SkillPoints Philosophy

It is easy. You carry empty SkillPoints with you and look for someone / something amazing to appreciate. You are subconsciously focusing on positive people and situations that will improve your day. This is a great experience!

Cards have no borders! They break down barriers between people because you can show your appreciation of anyone around you. So, when was the last time you thanked a shop assistant, a neighbour or a bus driver on purpose? Now you have the chance!

Here we use Skill Points cards.


How do I pass on a SkillPoints card?

It's best to donate a SkillPoints card in person. Together with the recipient you can agree on the contents of the card, write it and register it. Want to donate a SkillPoints card as a surprise? Put the card somewhere where the recipient can easily find it (on the desk, in a box). There are no limits to creativity!


SkillPoints cards as a link between donor and recipient

SkillPoints create a unique donor-recipient bond. Thanks to SkillBook, you have all your contacts in one place and are always connected to others by a unique moment. We have chosen an e-mail that is not easily changed by the donor / recipient as the most stable contact. So you can stay in touch forever!


A lasting memory of success and evaluation

Can you remember the achievements of 2014? Do even remember how beautifully your mum cooked lunch for you yesterday? With SkillBook, you'll never forget important moments! SkillPoints cards keep your memories alive forever. You can't lose a registered card so no one will take yours memories away.


SkillPoint has a value.

The value of a SkillPoints card is not determined by its price but mainly by the personality of the donor. What value would a classmate’s card have for you and what about one from your mother?


Cards from the heart

You cannot buy a SkillPoints card from others you simply have to earn it. You can also be the one who donates SkillPoint to another. Our cards provide the owner with an emotional bond and a reminder of their own success. You got the card from a loved one - a friend, mum, uncle, work colleagues. From someone you have a relationship with.


SkillPoints for children and adults

Not only children but also adults experience a lack of appreciation. Few people remember their achievements in their heads. However, they regularly make big decisions during which they need to be aware of their strengths and successes. This is where SkillPoint can help. Looking at SkillBook will create beautiful memories and motivate other great actions.


Helping career building

Imagine how you could apply for a job if you had a SkillBook with SkillPoints as a “reliable colleague”, “project saver”, “dear customer”, “fair business partner”? Positive reviews are needed at all times and everywhere.


Benefits of SkillPoints

  • They motivate you
  • They replace school grades
  • Strengthen self-confidence
  • Support teamwork and empathy
  • Allow you to do a good deed
  • Strengthen good human qualities


Buy SkillPoints cards directly on our site

SkillPoints pack of 12 cards

The package contains:

12 SkillPoints cards with original graphics and unique code
1 SkillPen - permanent alcohol marker

Product description:

The cards are made of a special material that is damp proof and can’t be torn. Register them on the web or using the SkillApp mobile app. This gives you an overview of all the cards you have given or received. With SkillApp, you also get your cards electronically to share with your family and friends.


Bank transfer - package price 446 CZK including VAT, sale 30%
Cash on delivery - package price 496 CZK including VAT, sale 30%

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Do you want to distribute joy through SkillPoints cards, but would you rather try donating first? Write a free card and give it to someone near you.

We have 1,000 for testing available, so do not hesitate to order!

Our Skill Points cards are bought from a global distributor.

Are you interested in a special edition of cards?

We can produce cards with your own graphics. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail jiri.vasicek@skillpoints.cz.