About SkillPoints

There must be a lot of wonderful people around you. You know their positive aspects, their good deeds. Would you like to thank them for something they did for you, or show how much you appreciate what they are? Show it in a simple yet original way. Give them the SkillPoint Card!

Positive assessment and motivation are needed at all times - at school, at work and in the family. Each of us deserves an award. Our vision is a better world where people give each other more recognition.

Skill Points cards

  • design cards with the author's picture
  • with a unique code that can be used to register the card
  • with a handwritten message that expresses your appreciation while pleasing the recipient
  • made of a special material that cannot be torn or soaked

How to Donate Skill Points Cards

  • You can show your appreciation of every success.
  • For example, give it for help, a personal trait, an achievement, a goal - get inspired
  • Fill in the entire card by hand using the SkillPen that is included.
  • Type in your name, the recipient’s name and the Skill you want to show your appreciation of.
  • Register your card with a unique code, either as a recipient or donor and see an overview of your cards directly on your mobile.
  • Use the app to share cards with your loved ones, family and friends.


SkillPoints Principle

You can show your appreciation of each other with SkillPoints cards. Register your cards in SkillApp so you can keep them with you at all times. Together all the SkillPoints cards you receive will create a SkillBook. SkillBook is a book of achievements and a reservoir of the positive moments in your life. You can look at SkillBook at any time and remember the positive past with all that is good and beautiful.


SkillPoints Philosophy

SkillPoints brings a lifestyle change as you are actively searching for good.

When you have empty SkillPoints cards, you want to present them. You are subconsciously searching for good in your area and that will improve your day. Moreover, there is a great experience associated with presenting a card.

SkillPoints cards break down barriers between people by allowing anyone to show their appreciation.

When was the last time you thanked your shop assistant, a neighbour, or a bus driver who takes you safely to your destination every day? SkillPoints can come in handy everywhere.


How to hand over SkillPoints?

It’s best to hand over the card personally hand to hand. You can also discuss the contents of the card with the recipient. List and register it together. Do you want to give the card indirectly as a surprise? Leave it where the recipient can find it - there are no limits to creativity?


Presenting a SkillPoints card creates a bond between the donor and recipient.

Your SkillBook statement in the app contains an email contact to the people to whom you have either presented it to or received it from. E-mail is the most stable contact proven over time. You have it in your book of achievements, so you're always interconnected by the moment and can connect at any time.


It will give the recipient a lasting reminder of success and evaluation.

Can you remember what you achieved in 2014? With SkillBook you have a lasting reminder. You have SkillPoints cards forever. You can't lose a registered card. No one will ever take SkillPoint away.


SkillPoint has its value.

It is not only given by the price of the card, but mainly by the person who gave it to you. What is the value of SkillPoint from Donald Trump? And what about from your mum?


You can't buy SkillPoint.

You simply deserve SkillPoint. You can also be the donor of SkillPoint. Because sometimes it is better to give than to receive.


Our cards give the owner an emotional bond and a reminder of their own success.

The card was given to you by someone close to you - a friend, a friend from work, a customer, or mum, simply someone you have a relationship with.


SkillPoints are for everyone, not just children but also adults.

Even adults experience a lack of appreciation. Not every adult remembers his 2014 achievements, but he made serious decisions. One in which he needs to be aware of his strength and his achievements.

For example, how would you apply for a job if you had your SkillBook and SkillPoints cards in your hand, such as "Project Saver", "Reliable Vendor", "Trusted Customer", "Fair Business Partner"?


Benefits of SkillPoints

  • Motivating assessment
  • They are useful where there are no marks
  • They strengthen self-confidence
  • They support teamwork and empathy
  • They enable you to do a good deed
  • They promote good human qualities