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SkillPoints pack of 12 cards

The package contains:

12 SkillPoints cards with original graphics and unique code
1 SkillPen - permanent alcohol marker

Product description:

The cards are made of a special material that is damp proof and can’t be torn. Register them on the web or using the SkillApp mobile app. This gives you an overview of all the cards you have given or received. With SkillApp, you also get your cards electronically to share with your family and friends.


Bank transfer - package price 446 CZK including VAT, sale 30%
Cash on delivery - package price 496 CZK including VAT, sale 30%

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Do you want to distribute joy through SkillPoints cards, but would you rather try donating first? Write a free card and give it to someone near you.

We have 1,000 for testing available, so do not hesitate to order!

Our Skill Points cards are bought from a global distributor.

Are you interested in a special edition of cards?

We can produce cards with your own graphics. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail jiri.vasicek@skillpoints.cz.