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To Give SkillPoint - Skills Patterns

Want to show your appreciation and lack inspiration? Find ideas on this page or get inspired by real stories from people who have already donated their SkillPoints cards.

Family - children, parents, grandparents
Benefits: Strengthens family cohesion, preserves memories, teaches children to do good deeds, enables children to praise parents, motivates children.
SkillPoints: Good Wife, Funny Dad, Great Cook, Snake Tamer, Lego builder, Lumberjack, Catan Settlers, Midnight Aquabella

Individuals - colleagues, friends, people close to you
Benefit: Strengthens mutual bonds, a permanent reminder of success, strengthens teamwork, strengthens self-confidence, enables you to do a good deed.
SkillPoints: Dear Friend, Mega Mind, Paddling Girl, Dog Mom; Yes, My Lady; Captain Intrepid.

School - teachers, trainers, head of clubs, students and pupils
Benefit: great opportunity to reward pupils for school activities, improve teacher-pupil relationships, constantly appreciate achievement and connect teacher and pupil by memory and contact.
SkillPoints: Talented Naturalist, Singing Violin, Smart Head, Best Volcano, Mountain Expert, Quick Count, Newton's Praise.

Companies - institutions, managers, supervisor, employers, employees
Benefit: motivates employees, SkillBook can be used as a supplement to a CV, the reward is a personal link at the workplace, a new type of corporate benefit.
SkillPoints: Reliable Contractor, Project Father, Professional Approach, Prima Boss, Good Leader, Prima Teacher, FESTO Guru.