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Who to give Skill Points to

Do you want to show someone your appreciation and don't know how to do it? We have prepared a lot of tips for you! You can also be inspired by real stories from people who have already donated their SkillPoints cards.

Family - children, parents, grandparents, etc.
Benefits: Strengthens family cohesion, preserves memories, teaches children to do good deeds, enables parents to praise children and vice versa, motivates not only children but also adults.
SkillPoints: Good Wife, Funny Dad, Great Cook, Snake Tamer, Lego Builder, Lumberjack, Catan Settlement, Midnight Aquabella

Individuals - friends, colleagues, people near you
Benefit: Strengthens mutual ties, strengthens teamwork, permanent reminders of success, increases self-confidence, enables you to do a good deed.
SkillPoints: Friend, Mega Mind, Paddling Girl, Dog Mom; Yes, My Lady; Intrepid Captain.

School - teachers, students, pupils, coaches, head of clubs
Benefit: Great opportunity to reward pupils for school activities, improve teacher-pupil relationships, constantly appreciate achievement and connect teacher and pupil by memory and contact.
SkillPoints: Talented Naturalist, Singing Violin, Smart Head, Best Volcano, Mountain Expert, Quick Count, Newton's Praise.

Companies - institutions, managers, heads, employers, employees
Benefit: Motivates employees, SkillBook can be used as a supplement to a CV.
SkillPoints: Reliable Contractor, Project Father, Professional Approach, Prima Boss, Good Leader, Prima Teacher, FESTO Guru.