Everyone deserves an award!

Hi, let me tell you about the beginning of SkillPoints!

As a beginning teacher I was thinking about the form of softskill points. Because my students are 15 or over, I couldn’t give them a picture or a sticker. I invented cards with the name, the year of the student and the reason for granting the card. There would be a picture with the motif of the school and the subject. In order for colleagues to use the cards, the name of the teacher would also be written on the card. You have to confirm your signature and enter the date.

Softskill point in the form of a card - SkillPoint

I asked my children once if they felt rewarded at school (otherwise than by marks). My cards could be a form of appreciation that could increase the rewards. Then I asked my friends whether they felt praised enough other than money. What do you think they told me? ☺

I was thinking maybe I could give SkillPoints to my friends as well. After one helped me when my car broke down, another to confirm our friendship. Also their children, when they beat us at a board game…

Moreover, it would be great if, as a teacher, I kept in contact with my pupils after they graduated. Most of them change their mobile number when they start work. At school we write to school emails. But I also have a private email that I have been using for over 25 years. This is a very stable contact. Most people do. Couldn't my cards be used in some way?

So began the story of SkillPoints.