Everyone deserves an award!

Most people feel underappreciated

When was the last time you received something "just like that"? People give each other few gifts outside of birthdays, Christmas or other holidays. If you have already received or given such a gift, it will probably be one of the less suitable forms. We give sweets to children, and some alcohol to adults. Special forms of gifts are a money envelope, gift vouchers, mobile or gaming credit.

Even at school it is no different with remuneration. Praise is only intended for the best pupils and winners of various competitions. The remuneration system only works at the lower level of elementary schools in the form of pictures, stickers and stars. In higher grades, praise is rarely given. Nevertheless, teachers and supervisors should be prepared to build a personal relationship with students. We, as adults, want to cultivate decency, help activities and appropriate attitudes in children. Therefore, we should also be able to reward these qualities.

It is similar among adults. We do not thank each other for their help. When was the last time you received any praise or reward? And when was the last time you said thank you to someone outside your family and friends? Many people do something for us that we take for granted. For example, if a bus driver takes us to our destination, a smiling nurse at the doctor's office asks how she can help us or the postman brings us the letter we have been looking forward to. Often we cannot tell even our close friends that we love them. We only give them gifts for birthdays, holidays, but not as gratitude or for friendship.

Gradually, we lose contact with people who were once important to us. After a few years, we can’t remember what our students and children from the group were called. Teachers also lose contact with their favourite pupils. Similarly, students will eventually forget the names of their classmates and their favourite teachers. They are adults, aged just like us, noticing their first losses. How many tangible reminders do you have of friends who have moved or are already dead? Maybe only a few photos left, a few memories.

It is different in working life. Remuneration is part of the corporate strategy. You discuss bonuses, rewards and corporate benefits at the job interview. They are thoughtful, rich and impersonal. The company knows how to reward you for working overtime. You will receive verbal praise at a meeting in front of other colleagues and you will receive money in your account. The praise will disappear from the mind within a few minutes or hours; and what about you? Would you ever thank your boss for something other than money? Would you thank your supplier for having met the contract and delivered the goods on time? Are you nice to the cleaning lady? How many praises and awards have you given or received in writing?

Would you hire a person for your team who you know helps their colleagues, can work beyond working hours, does something extra and is nice to the cleaning lady? Definitely yes.

Let's thank people and appreciate them better!

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